A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

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Sleep was so simple when we were kids. Remember? Falling into a deep slumber was as easy as flipping a switch. But as adults, lots of things can get in the way of feeling well-rested. A good night’s sleep has been linked to better overall health, including a more robust immune[...]

‘Tis the season to get rid of what no longer serves you to create more space for the things that do. Refocusing your attention on trying new-to-you healthy foods and fitting in more time for exercise and stillness (and big gulps of fresh air) can lead to better overall health[...]

It’s nearly February–about the time that a lot of us begin to “forget” the health goals we set back on January 1. Sometimes this sidestepping is reinforced by a lack of support at home and at the office. Maybe your partner loves to over-order when you eat out together–while[...]

The New Year is just hours away, which has everyone talking about that time-honored tradition—making resolutions. Keeping them, however, is another matter. 

Christmastime is here! All of the gathering, remembering and impending New Year’s arrival comes with a mixed bag of emotions for most people—even on the best of days. Welcome to the thick of it. (Deep breath.) This week is the perfect time to schedule some self care and focus on[...]

Now that sitting is officially the new smoking, it’s more important than ever to regularly remind ourselves to get up from our desks and move our bodies. Sitting all day increases our risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, back pain, muscle tension and poor[...]

Exploring new places is good for our health. It pushes us outside of our comfort zone and makes us flex parts of our brain that we don’t always use at home. Traveling abroad has been shown to improve our creative thinking and problem solving skills, and just getting out of town[...]

What time do you tuck yourself in each night? Your answer may be more important than you think.

Just for fun, we thought we’d talk a bit about endorphins to help kick your weekend off right. 

A lot of us at Yes Health have been dragging this week. It’s surprising what a difference “springing forward” an hour can make! There are, of course, plenty of upsides to having more daylight.


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