A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

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We all have a love-hate relationship with sugar. We try to wean ourselves off, but it’s everywhere when you dine out or grocery shop. While we all crave the sweet euphoria of a sugar high, too much of it in your diet can lead to health problems, such as weight gain, diabetes,[...]

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ve got love on the brain. Admittedly, Valentine’s Day is one of those love-or-hate holidays, but it can actually be a great time to feel and show gratitude to those closest in your life. It can even be a chance to practice more self[...]

We’re a week into the New Year, and many of us have our goals and intentions in gear. However if your new year’s goal is to get in shape, and your local gyms are still shut down, you might be a little discouraged from getting started. 

When it comes to “food as medicine,” nothing quite fits this concept like mushrooms. Medical practitioners and scientists have uncovered the power of mushrooms as one of the most healing natural sources of food. 

All of us living in today’s climate know that air pollution is a major public health issue. From the deadly smog in cities like Beijing and Mexico City, to the recent fires along the West Coast, our air quality is becoming more harmful to our health.

Do you remember what it was like to run around barefoot as a child? Whether it was the grass in the yard or the sand at the beach, it invoked feelings of freedom and happiness. However, as many of us live in modern day cities, close encounters with nature are becoming more rare. 

Fiber has often been overlooked as a key nutrient in health food trends. But now fiber is breaking away from this stigma and regaining popularity as the “good carb” can aid in weight management and improving your overall health.

Menopause is a word many women fear as it can usher in some rather unpleasant harbingers of aging, including mood swings, hot flashes, changes in sleep quality, bone density, muscle mass and weight gain–especially stubborn belly fat. Changing hormones can lead to feeling out of[...]

Stress and anxiety are two things we’re all feeling a little more of these days. So it’s all the more important to find creative ways to blow off steam so we can stay healthier (and happier) in the long run. 

Omega fats are an important part of a healthy diet, but what are the differences between omega 3 and 6 fats and what’s the “right” ratio for optimal health? You’ve likely already heard that omega-3 fats are “good” for you and that you should limit omega-6 fats. The story is a[...]

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