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A happier, healthier you

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This recipe is the perfect way to add more fiber and nutrient-rich veggies to your day…and clean out your fridge! It’s easily customizable, making it something the whole family will crave. It’s naturally vegetarian or vegan if made with vegetable broth but easily[...]

Halloween is almost here! And for most of us, that means bingeing on scary movies and all the halloween candy. But beware, there’s a lot of sugar and chemicals lurking in those nostalgic Halloween treats. 

Tempeh is a fermented tofu, and an excellent plant protein source. It's nutty taste and rich texture make it a perfect taco addition. Enjoy these tasty tacos with the whole family for a little dinner-time variety!

Boo!  It’s Halloween, and so it begins… the Season of Sugar.

As fall begins, we’re all on the hunt for some recipes that allow us to celebrate the season's delicious flavors without setting us back from our health goals.

Up to your ears in zucchinis?

When you hear the term “Mediterranean diet,” what comes to mind?

Chelsea LeBlanc, RDN 

Original YH recipe by Gabrielle Mayfield, MS 

Original recipe by Health Coach, Jennifer Smith, MS RDN

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