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A happier, healthier you

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Up to your ears in zucchinis?

When you hear the term “Mediterranean diet,” what comes to mind?

Chelsea LeBlanc, RDN 

Original YH recipe by Gabrielle Mayfield, MS 

Original recipe by Health Coach, Jennifer Smith, MS RDN

This recipe is one of Coach Sara A's favorite nutritious summer dishes. It's perfect for healthy grilling, baking in the oven, or air frying. If Mahi Mahi is not available, feel free to substitute a whitefish such as cod, tilapia, or halibut. If you have a fish allergy, chicken[...]

This delicious and light cake is one of those desserts that tastes too good to be true! You'll be asking yourself if this could actually be as healthy as we say it is. Though hard to believe, it's true!

Original recipe by Health Coach Sara A. 

It’s no secret that including healthy fats  in our diet is critical for a healthy heart. This mighty macronutrient (fat) fights inflammation, helps to control blood clotting, lower blood pressure and triglycerides.

These stuffed mushrooms will satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters!

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