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A happier, healthier you

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We all know we can’t survive without water. (Duh.) But did you know that water can help with weight loss too? (We’ve got your attention now, right?)

Immune health is top priority for just about everyone this year, and the Yes Health coaches have been getting a lot of questions on how to boost your immune system. We’ve already covered some lifestyle tips on how to strengthen your immune system, but what about food? 

When it comes to health goals, many of us automatically think of weight loss, or going vegan and gluten free. But what about focusing on longevity as the ultimate end goal?


We’re all doing our best to stay healthy right now. And while following the CDC guidelines is slowly starting to become second nature (in a dysopian kind of way at least), some of us need to take extra steps to protect ourselves from COVID-19. According to the American[...]

We could all use a little extra support right now, so we’re devoting this post to our amazing immune systems and all they do for us. Yes, adapting to our new normal means practicing good hygiene and social distancing, but it also means doing things to keep ourselves and our[...]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! You may have seen the true blue diabetes awareness ribbons popping up online and in person, and that means it’s the start of November diabetes awareness month.

Did you know that there’s a very strong link between diabetes and gum disease? Diabetes affects many parts of the body, including the mouth and teeth. High blood sugar levels can create an environment in the mouth where bacteria and fungus can grow rampant and potentially affect[...]

When it comes to diabetes, women tend to have it worse than men. (Just more proof life isn’t fair.) More than 13 million women 20 years of age and older (about one in 10) currently have diabetes. And while diabetes affects women and men in almost equal numbers, it affects women[...]

Sleep was so simple when we were kids. Remember? Falling into a deep slumber was as easy as flipping a switch. But as adults, lots of things can get in the way of feeling well-rested. A good night’s sleep has been linked to better overall health, including a more robust immune[...]

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