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A happier, healthier you

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Our whole world and ways of being have been turned on their head as many of us prepare to head into week four of sheltering in place. And even if you aren’t stuck at home, but are simply (or not-so-simply) practicing social distancing, well, let’s just say none of this is easy.[...]

Welcome to the new normal of eating at home. All. The. Time. On one hand, it’s a great time to brush up on your cooking skills. But on the other, planning three meals a day for a full week (or more) can be challenging, especially if you’re feeding an entire family. (And let’s[...]


Considering the time of year, we’ll bet you have a holiday dinner (or four) with friends and family coming up. The Yes Health coaches are here with their 10 best tips to help you fully enjoy yourself without feeling overly full or undoing your new, healthier habits. 

Original recipe by Coach Anne

No holiday meal–especially Thanksgiving– feels complete without dessert. Unfortunately, most traditional after-dinner sweets are packed with lots of sugar, fat and calories.

Some people need to eat first thing to be able to start their day. While to others, the idea of having a meal when they’re still half asleep is a total non-starter. Whether you’re a breakfast lover or lean more towards brunch, the benefits of making your first meal a balanced[...]

What if eating healthy was as easy as taking a photo? Well, with Yes Health’s digital nutrition coaching app, you can now connect with some of the best health coaches and get real-time feedback on your meals just by taking a photo.

Humans have fasted throughout history for many reasons. Lately, the practice of intermittent fasting* as a potential weight-loss tool and health benefit has gotten a lot of attention. But how does it work and is it truly healthy for us? 

Veggie and protein-rich salads can be a smart choice any time of day. But too much dressing can send your meal deep into the red zone. Here are four tips, plus a few DIY recipes from our coaches to help you find and make your own healthier options. 


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