A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

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We’re a week into the New Year, and many of us have our goals and intentions in gear. However if your new year’s goal is to get in shape, and your local gyms are still shut down, you might be a little discouraged from getting started. 

Let’s face it. 2020 has been draining for all of us. So what better gift to give this season than the gift of wellness?

Oh Thanksgiving. It’s the biggest feast of the year, where there’s no shortage of all our favorite foods: mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, dessert pies, and not to mention, all the wine and holiday cocktails. 

During these hot summer days, it’s less enticing to be outdoors, let alone workout. But don’t let that derail your fitness routine if you’re used to being active in the sun. Working out indoors can be just as effective and safer in times of extreme heat waves. 

Healthy aging is a balancing act–quite literally. As we get older, our metabolism slows and our body gradually loses bone density and muscle mass. Falls can become more common, and are much more dangerous because of fragile bones, which can lead to breaks and slower healing[...]

No time to exercise? But still striving to fit a great workout into your day (especially after lots of driving and sitting and more driving)? It’s high time you tried high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Strength training is a key piece of everyone’s weight-loss puzzle. It raises your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to help you burn more calories throughout the day, and it decreases your chance of injuries, allowing you to age with grace. But if you’ve never done strength training,[...]

Sometimes it can feel intimidating to start exercising again after a long hiatus, or when we’ve put on some extra pounds. But we’re here to tell you it can be done–and done with fun, especially once you tell that critical voice inside your head (yep, you know the one) to kindly[...]

Whether you’re drawn to crack-of-dawn, lunchtime or après-work workouts, knowing the best foods to give your body before and after will make a big difference in your energy level, performance and recovery time. To help you make the healthiest choices, our coaches share their[...]

Not many of us immediately associate the holidays with organized group exercise, but maybe it’s high time we did. Signing up for a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell Run is a great excuse to get outside, take in the fall foliage and create a bit of a buffer between you and[...]


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