A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Skipping Your Workouts? 10 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

by Yes Health

Welcome back to our “Ask the Coaches” series, where we feature questions from Yes Health members answered by our expert coaching team. 

Here’s one about exercise that we get asked a lot and can all relate to.

Q: It’s so easy to skip my workouts. How can I stay on track?

A: It happens to everyone. We get busy or go on vacation—or lose interest—and our workout routine vanishes. Once we stop exercising, it can feel tough to start again. But not to worry. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help get you back in the workout groove.

  1. Use your Yes Health app. Schedule your favorite exercises and treat it this time as you would a work meeting, doctor’s appointment or any other important event. You’ll also get friendly reminders and encouragement from your coach team to follow through.
  2. Figure out why you’re missing your workouts. Is it the weather? Not enough time? Childcare issues? Bored with your fitness routine? Knowing the reason will help you come up with a successful solution. Our coaches can also help you get to the bottom of your workout blues.
  3. Use the buddy system. Sometimes a little more accountability can do us all good. Ask a partner, friend, neighbor, dog or even your kids to join you on a walk or other activity. Who knows? You might just find a training partner for that 10k this fall.
  4. Make it a mini. Take a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day for yoga, crunches, planks or taking the stairs. Small bursts of exercise can add up to a big difference in your health. 
  5. Avoid over-scheduling. If you’re missing workouts because of your “crazy busy” schedule, simplify wherever you can and get creative with the time you do have. Take walks during phone calls or coffee breaks or try scheduling “walking meetings.” (Yes, they’re a thing!)
  6. Mix it up.  Look outside your normal routine for inspiration. What have you always wanted to try? Boxing? Swimming? Hip Hop? Gymnastics? Tennis? A new sport or activity can help reinvigorate your workouts.
  7. Skimp, but don’t skip. If you come down with a cold or aren’t feeling 100%, try dialing your workout back rather than cancelling it altogether. That way you won’t exhaust yourself or throw off your routine.
  8. Love it or leave it.  There are so many ways to break a sweat, if you don’t love your current workout, trade it in for something new. Looking forward to exercising makes it more sustainable in the long run. Feeling stumped? Ask the Yes Health coaches for fun ideas.
  9. Join the team. Whether it’s softball, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, kickball, basketball, or something else, recreational leagues are a great way to stay active and meet new like-minded people.
  10. Follow the fittest. Check out trainers and athletes on Instagram for inspiration and exercise ideas. Also consider hiring a personal trainer to design an exercise routine just for you. 


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