A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

When it comes to self-care practices, getting a massage is one that’s not only indulgent, but can also improve your health. Not only do they assist with muscle stretching and recovery, but they’re also super relaxing, which we all know is great for lowering cortisol. 

We’ve all been there. You wake up, do a couple of chores through the house, have a cup of coffee, and start responding to emails. All of a sudden it’s 2 p.m. and you realize you haven’t eaten yet.

Cooking without oil is a popular method among the plant-based community who tend to favor an intake of higher carbs and lower fat. However, even if you don’t share these dietary preferences, there are actual health benefits to opting for no oil cooking.

During these hot summer days, it’s less enticing to be outdoors, let alone workout. But don’t let that derail your fitness routine if you’re used to being active in the sun. Working out indoors can be just as effective and safer in times of extreme heat waves. 

Do you remember what it was like to run around barefoot as a child? Whether it was the grass in the yard or the sand at the beach, it invoked feelings of freedom and happiness. However, as many of us live in modern day cities, close encounters with nature are becoming more rare. 

Fiber has often been overlooked as a key nutrient in health food trends. But now fiber is breaking away from this stigma and regaining popularity as the “good carb” can aid in weight management and improving your overall health.

Menopause is a word many women fear as it can usher in some rather unpleasant harbingers of aging, including mood swings, hot flashes, changes in sleep quality, bone density, muscle mass and weight gain–especially stubborn belly fat. Changing hormones can lead to feeling out of[...]


Stress and anxiety are two things we’re all feeling a little more of these days. So it’s all the more important to find creative ways to blow off steam so we can stay healthier (and happier) in the long run. 

Omega fats are an important part of a healthy diet, but what are the differences between omega 3 and 6 fats and what’s the “right” ratio for optimal health? You’ve likely already heard that omega-3 fats are “good” for you and that you should limit omega-6 fats. The story is a[...]


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