A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

We all know it’s good to move our bodies, but it’s super easy for life get in the way. Not a gym person? Traveling? Tight on time? On a budget? Bored with your usual exercise routine? No problem.

With a wide variety of yogurt brands and types of yogurt on the market, it can feel overwhelming trying to decide which type is best. 

This dip is a crowd-pleaser, and is even popular with kids thanks to the vibrant pink color! Pair with sliced carrots, cucumbers, or whole grain crackers. It’s also wonderful on sandwiches and wraps.

Immune health is top priority for just about everyone this year, and the Yes Health coaches have been getting a lot of questions on how to boost your immune system. We’ve already covered some lifestyle tips on how to strengthen your immune system, but what about food? 

Which is more important for weight loss, diet or exercise? The Yes Health coaches get this question a lot.

We have all been to the grocery store in desperate search of a healthy treat. 

This recipe is one of Coach Sara A's favorite nutritious summer dishes. It's perfect for healthy grilling, baking in the oven, or air frying. If Mahi Mahi is not available, feel free to substitute a whitefish such as cod, tilapia, or halibut. If you have a fish allergy, chicken[...]

There’s nothing like a good stretch to wake us up and give us more energy (and flexibility).

This delicious and light cake is one of those desserts that tastes too good to be true! You'll be asking yourself if this could actually be as healthy as we say it is. Though hard to believe, it's true!

You asked, and we answered: a post devoted entirely to bread and the questions we all have about it.


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