A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Get Moving! 39 Ways to Add More Exercise To Your Life

by Yes Health

We all know it’s good to move our bodies, but it’s super easy for life get in the way. Not a gym person? Traveling? Tight on time? On a budget? Bored with your usual exercise routine? No problem.

Thankfully, there are plenty of fun (or at least satisfying) things you can do to burn some extra calories–and check off some of your to-do list in the process. No memberships or trainers required.

Here are 39 ideas from our coaches. (And maybe start making a mental list of your own!) Pick a few next week and see how you feel.


39 Ways to Get Moving

  1. Wash your windows–you’ll be amazed by how much more light they let in!
  2. Take the dog for a walk or play a game of fetch.
  3. Plant and tend a garden, a great way to get out in nature.
  4. Paint a room in your house a fun, new color.
  5. Put on some tunes and dance like no one’s watching while you clean your house.
  6. Get off the bus or subway one or two stops before yours.
  7. Do bicep curls with your grocery bags while you walk back to your car.
  8. Do squats while you brush your teeth.
  9. Wash, wax and vacuum your car.
  10. Rake leaves, shovel the sidewalk or do some weeding.
  11. Bike or walk your errands, like delivering a letter to the post office.
  12. Skip the drive-through for coffee and order inside instead.
  13. Walk or bike to work once or twice a week.
  14. Schedule walking meetings.
  15. Take a stroll around the office a few times a day to connect with your colleagues.
  16. Choose a printer that’s farther away from your desk.
  17. Skip the elevator and take the stairs.
  18. Sit on an exercise ball or try a standing desk.
  19. Walk for half of your lunch break.
  20. Stretch every time you use the bathroom.
  21. Take phone calls standing up.
  22. Walk to a colleague’s office instead of emailing or calling.
  23. Do wall push-ups or tricep dips during conference calls.
  24. Pack a picnic and walk to the park instead of going to a restaurant.
  25. Go to a concert and dance, dance, dance!
  26. Stretch or march in place while you watch TV.
  27. Avoid online shopping and hit the stores.
  28. Look for volunteer opportunities that are active, e.g. helping clean up a local park or beach.
  29. Try mini-golf or the batting cages instead of video games.
  30. Go apple or berry picking.
  31. Keep a pair of sneakers in your car so you can take advantage of walking opportunity whenever they arise.
  32. Park at the opposite end of your destination at the mall.
  33. Fire up an audio book so you can walk while you “read.”
  34. Do toe and calf raises while you wait in line.
  35. Meet a friend for coffee and walk while you catch up.
  36. Go to a playground with your family and join your kids on the monkey bars, swings and ladders.
  37. On date night, choose dinner and dancing over dinner and a movie.
  38. Chop and stack wood to prep for colder days ahead.
  39. Pick up a life-long recreational activity like archery, backpacking, volleyball, tennis or golf.

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There you have it! 39 ways to get moving, and it doesn't mean taking an hour out of your day to hit the gym. If none of these look appealing, reach out to your coaches or group in-app to share more ideas!


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