A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Meet the Yes Health Coaches

by Yes Health

Yes Health knows that getting and staying healthy is easier (and a lot more fun) with a partner. Our coaches are experienced and trusted nutritionists, registered dietitians and fitness trainers who are passionate about stopping diabetes. They work one-on-one with our members to help them develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

We are proud to introduce you to some of our all-star Yes Health coaches:

Anne is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in Seattle WA who focuses on chronic disease prevention and a “food is medicine” philosophy. Anne aspires to make healthy eating simple, delicious and fun! When not promoting health, Anne can be found trying new hikes, restaurants or scoping out the latest and greatest foods at Trader Joes. Anne is also a dog lover that hopes to raise her third Guide Dog for the Blind soon!

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Beth a Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, Certified LEAP Therapists(food sensitivity specialist), and a Certified Diabetes Lifestyle Coach and is currently working on becoming a Behavioral Health Specialist.  Over the 20 plus years of working as a dietitian and health coach in a wide array  arenas she has found that her passion is wellness and prevention.  Her goal is to help her clients to become the best version of themselves and lives by the mantra that you can achieve anything you desire.  In her spare time you can find her spending time with her 5 children training for her next marathon, biking and catching up on the latest food shows.

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Charlotte is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a background in integrative and functional nutrition. She began her career working in clinical care settings and later transitioned to providing one on one nutrition counseling and health coaching in the outpatient setting. She has experience supporting patients with diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, as well as those working on weight loss, reducing stress and improving their overall health. She is passionate about helping you feel your best and achieve your health goals through small, realistic, adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Charlotte believes in the importance of bringing self-compassion into your journey as you begin integrating any new habit in your life. When she’s not working she loves hiking and biking with her partner and dog, photography, gardening, and experimenting in the kitchen!

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Chelsea is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and foodie with a passion for helping people reach their personal health and wellness goals. Her background is in clinical nutrition, outpatient nutrition counseling, and nutrition communications. She enjoys recipe development and creates quick and easy recipes that put a nutritious spin on popular dishes. Her nutrition philosophy is everything in moderation, or as she likes to say, “A spoonful of healthy with a pinch of treats”. Life is all about balance and finding what works for YOU! This may look a little different for everyone. It is her goal to help you find balance and joy with food and ultimately feel empowered to make healthy food and lifestyle choices that will last a lifetime. Chelsea lives in Nashville, TN. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, traveling, running, and trying new restaurants.

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Christina is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS©), a Licensed Nutritionist, and a professionally trained plant-based chef with a passion for helping people optimize their biochemistry and create a peaceful relationship with food. She has a functional/integrative approach to nutrition and has a background in hormone balancing, autoimmunity issues, gut health, and eating disorders. Christina enjoys breaking down the most recent peer-reviewed research into practical habits to help people feel their best to lead a healthy, vibrant, and fun life. Christina firmly believes laughter and nature should be a part of any wellness plan. She enjoys trail running, cross country skiing, strength training, traveling,  knitting, dark chocolate, and good wine. She splits her time between Raleigh, NC, and La Jolla, CA. 

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 Claire completed a nutrition internship in the Philippines after graduating from college with a degree in public health. This experience was incredible and made her want to travel more.  Claire then decided to live and work in New Zealand and Australia for 2 years. The experiences she had while traveling were invaluable but she knew she was ready to pursue a career in nutrition and returned back to the US in January of 2020. She is a graduate student at the University of Western States where she is studying nutrition and functional medicine. Claire is a firm believer of finding out the root cause of health issues, so many of which can be addressed through proper nutrition and believes time in nature is a key component to health. She loves cooking, learning about all things nutrition related, hiking, rock climbing, and planning her next travel adventure.

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Eden has a PhD in psychology and social behavior and is also a certified Nutritional Therapist. She previously worked with staff and customers as an onsite nutritional health coach for a national natural food chain. Eden has given numerous nutrition education presentations and is passionate about helping people take charge of their physical, mental and emotional well-being. She's an expert in digestive health, blood sugar management and mindfulness meditation. Eden loves hiking, camping, cooking and hanging out with her family.

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Elaine holds a Master’s of Science in nutrition and clinical health psychology, is a certified nutritionist and licensed mental health counselor. She is most passionate about the places where food and mental health intersect, including mood disorders, eating disorders, digestive health and food sensitivities. She enjoys helping clients discover the type of diet that works best for their individual biochemistry to support physical and mental well-being. In her free time she enjoys spending time in nature, trying new restaurants, being a cat mom and planning her next travel adventure.

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Gabrielle has a Master’s of Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health. She has spent the last ten years focusing on community nutrition, diabetes prevention, and workplace wellness. She is passionate about helping people reach their personal health and wellness goals while balancing cultural traditions that are budget-friendly. Gabrielle currently lives in Syracuse, New York and in her free time she loves going on family hikes, cooking, and playing with her two dogs.

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Gayatri is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist dedicated to helping her clients improve their health through diet and lifestyle. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Dietetics and is studying to become an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP). She’s passionate about translating the science of nutritional genomics into the everyday plate so everyone can benefit from optimal gene expression and better health. On the weekends, Gayatri enjoys soaking up the California sunshine on her bike and rehearsing Balinese dance for her performances with a live, 65-member Gamelan orchestra.

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 Hannah is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who is passionate about helping individuals meet their health goals. Hannah believes that all foods fit in a healthy diet and that creating and maintaining healthy habits is the best way to achieve lasting lifestyle change. Her favorite part of coaching is seeing a client have an ‘ah-ha’ moment when they connect how eating well can positively influence other areas of their life. She is a born and raised Wisconsinite who loves to travel, hike, spend time at the lake, and hang out with her dog.

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Heather is a Certified Nutritionist and Licensed Acupuncturist who is committed to support people in their search for better health and well-being. Heather’s goal is to help empower each individual with tools to increase self-efficacy and self-compassion. She came to the healing arts through agriculture. And after realizing her passion is not in conducting research herself, but rather, to help connect people to agriculture through their food choices, she moved to Seattle in order to study nutrition. This pursuit quickly expanded into acupuncture and herbal medicine, as the power of these traditions for supporting human health was undeniable. Chinese medicine influences how she approaches “everything”, including her nutrition clients. She currently lives in the Seattle area with her husband and enjoys mountain biking and gardening at every opportunity. Knitting and spinning fill in the remaining cracks of free time. 

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Jenna is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has a passion for helping others achieve happier, healthier lives. For the past three years she has worked in a one-on-one counseling environment in many different areas including weight loss, diabetes, food allergies, pediatric nutrition, and sports nutrition. She loves instilling small realistic goals that will compound into sustainable habits that last a lifetime. She believes that all people have a right to a healthy relationship with food and loves exploring this by experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. Some of her favorite pastimes include playing with her two dogs Ike and Athena, competing in triathlons, and gardening or spending time outdoors with her boyfriend.

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Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who also holds a master’s degree in Dietetics. She is passionate about working with people to help them make positive changes in their lives. Nutrition combines her love of food and cooking with her longing to make a difference. She also works in a psychiatric hospital with eating disorder patients and believes that “all food fits” within a healthy lifestyle. She thinks the key is choosing more nutritious foods more often than not.  She is a mom to two beautiful teenagers who keep her busy when she is not working. She is a total “foodie”.  She loves going to new restaurants and exploring different cuisines.  Her ultimate goal is to educate people to make nutritious choices while still enjoying the pleasure of food!

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Jessica is a Certified Nutrition Practitioner (CNS) and a die-hard lover of delicious food and all things nature. She holds a Masters of Science in Clinical Nutrition where she graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Bridgeport. In addition to her background in nutritional science, she is also a Certified Practitioner of Reiki, which she studied at The Omega Center in Rhinebeck, N.Y. Through experience, Jessica has witnessed the extraordinary therapeutic potential of integrative nutrition combined with mindfulness practices. She works with people to help build a symbiotic relationship between both the body and mind that lead to greater outcomes of health and quality of life.

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Kacie is a Certified Nutritionist and holds a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States.  She is passionate about supporting individuals in making health changes that feel authentic and realistic for them.  For the past three years Kacie worked for a start-up scientific wellness company in Seattle as a health coach where she learned to support individuals with a whole workup of lab results (blood, genetics, microbiome).  Kacie currently lives in the PNW and has been challenging herself expressively and creatively by taking acting classes. 

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Katelyn is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has spent most of her career doing one on one coaching with focuses on behavior change to support sustainable lifestyle changes. The main areas of focus have been diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight loss, chronic kidney disease, digestive health, tobacco cessation, sleep and stress management. Katelyn focuses on meeting those she is working with where they are to create changes that fit into their unique lifestyles and life's bumps that inevitably happen. One of Katelyn’s favorite statements is “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.  Currently she resides in Seattle, WA with her cat Archie, and she loves getting to enjoy all the wonderful food and unique nature that the area offers.

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Kalyn is a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about helping people create sustainable healthy habits that support body and mind. She loves sharing her nutrition knowledge and helping others feel empowered to make healthy food choices. Kalyn recently completed her RYT 200 yoga teacher certification and can often be found on her mat exploring her personal practice or flowing with friends. She is an avid traveler and is always on the hunt for new foods to try and the best local hikes.

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Marcella is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, seasoned Latin dance instructor and is currently completing her certification as a plant-based nutritionist. Having helped her body heal itself from gallbladder disease by incorporating natural foods, her passion awoke to helping others find the balance of mind, body and spirit needed to foster healing and well-being; everything is interconnected. She enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs, dancing, doing yoga and exploring new, natural places.

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Matthew is a Certified Fitness Specialist and has a background in exercise science, physiology, public health. He is passionate about helping individuals become the best versions of themselves. He loves coaching because it allows him to work with so many wonderful people towards achieving goals they may have thought were beyond reach. Matthew recently completed his Master’s of Public Health and enjoys the pursuit of knowledge and adventure. He is currently in Texas with his 2 corgis and you can find him hiking, camping, or perfecting his cooking skills. His motto is “teach, preach, live” as he embodies what he helps those achieve every single day.

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Michelle is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology. Her background includes working in various settings such as corporate health & wellness, outpatient rehabilitation, collegiate athletics and higher education. Her coaching philosophy is to meet people where they are right now and work together to build confidence in achieving realistic and meaningful goals. Michelle lives in Rhode Island and enjoys strength training, gardening and spending time with her boyfriend and 9 year old yorkie mix Milo.

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Miriam is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters of Science in Nutrition and diverse background to include experience in the military and corporate world as well. Her interest in food and nutrition stems back to cooking up concoctions in the kitchen at the age of four, (earning the nickname Chef Viola) and wanting to fuel her body for sports as a teen. Though her education and own life experience, she’s learned the importance of sound nutrition to promote health. Most importantly, she’s come to value a personal approach to wellness that supports balance and developing sustainable lifestyle habits. She enjoys seeing others get excited about making healthy choices and feeling empowered in their lives. In her spare time, you can find her cooking, doing yoga, running, getting in touch with nature, going to a concert or sporting event and traveling with her hubs.

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Rachel is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She also studied functional medicine under Dr. Daniel Kalish. Rachel has worked in private practice in San Francisco and in public health for a Bay Area nonprofit  complimentary medicine cancer clinic for women and an integrative medicine NGO in Nicaragua, providing diabetes prevention and support. She's passionate about bringing affordable, quality healthcare to all, and in her free time enjoys singing and spending time with her family--especially in the great outdoors.

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Sara A. is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach with over 15 years of experience in nutrition, weight management, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome counseling. Sara helps people transform their bodies through balanced nutrition and a healthier lifestyle they can sustain and feel good about. She rejects the diet mentality and believes food should be celebrated and enjoyed. She has created over 250 delicious and nourishing plant-based recipes designed for weight management. Sara’s daily gratitude practice, nature walks with her dog, and Hot Pilates/Barre practice keep her balanced and happy. She loves cooking for others, furry animals, comedy, live music, and planning her next travel adventure. 

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Sara is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Spinning instructor, seasoned group fitness instructor, and is currently completing her RYT 200 yoga teacher certification.  She holds a Master’s in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University.  As a lifelong athlete and Mom, she is drawn to the nutrition world by the ever-present hurdles that present themselves.  Her mission is to find ways to educate others on how to live salubrious lives with food and fitness utilizing methods that work WITH our real, daily lives.  She enjoys trail running with her lab, Lola, practicing yoga, and boating, hiking, or just about any outdoor activity with her husband and children.

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Shamika is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach who loves and adores helping clients to focus on elevating their wellness and mindfulness so that they can create the healthiest, happiest, and highest version of themselves. Whether it be as a nurse at the bedside of a patient or as a supportive guide and coach, Shamika’s compassionate, caring, and heart-centered approach always shines through. She believes that alignment...mind, body, soul and spirit is the key to having overall success in personal wellness and in life. She is passionate about personal growth and development and helping her clients to remove the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have been holding them back. Shamika currently resides in the Bay Area of Northern California where she has one son, loves to travel, go to concerts, and hang at the beach! 

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Shandy is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Fitness Trainer and Barre Instructor with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition and Wellness.  She has 20 years of experience working in the fitness and nutrition industry helping adults reach their health, wellness and fitness goals through personal training, group exercise instruction, and nutrition education. By staying up to date with literature, research and food trends, Shandy remains passionate about helping children and adults lead healthier lives. She provides a balanced approach to achieving optimal wellness.  She enjoys watching her sons play basketball and taking family vacations to the beach.

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Silvia has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Communications and Marketing, but Fitness and Health have been her driving passion. She loves working out first thing in the morning and doing outdoor activities with her family. Silvia is currently finishing up her coursework to be a certified personal trainer and moving on to a nutrition coaching certification program. She is a big believer that food is medicine and since being diagnosed with diabetes herself, has learned to live life to the fullest despite her condition. She has the desire to help others cope and live a normal life by making healthy choices and smart decisions.

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Susan has dedicated her life to promoting wellness as a patient advocate, information expert and educator, after her two sons were diagnosed with diabetes. She has been a registered pharmacist for nearly three decades and a Certified Diabetes Educator for most of her career. She is also the author of Sweet Genes: Finding a Balance Living with Diabetes and numerous articles about diabetes and sits on the board of the American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. With a passion for whole-body wellness, she promotes diet as a lifestyle choice and focuses on nutrition and gut health to help people meet their weight-loss goals. When she’s not working to prevent diabetes, she loves snowshoeing, horseback riding and strengthening her core in Pure Barre classes.

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Yoli is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) with a focus on helping people get healthy with food and lifestyle changes. As a nutrition specialist in Mexico, she developed school lunch programs and trained staff in nutrition education and food preparation. She enjoys working directly with communities to promote diabetes awareness and the importance of a healthy diet. Taking her kids out on walks and runs is one of the great highlights of her day.

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Agatha is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) specializing in helping people decrease and prevent chronic diseases, including diabetes, obesity and hypertension. As a tech-loving, healthy-lifestyle guru, Agatha leads the team of Yes Health coaches. She teaches a “healthy lifestyle for a healthy life” philosophy and is a big believer in helping people help themselves. She balances her love for good food and wine with lots of year-round activities—skiing, sailing, racing in local triathlons and long hikes with her family and dogs.

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Jill is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with 10 years of experience in corporate wellness and private practice. She worked with companies to help educate employees through one-on-one nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations, lifestyle-modification programs and wellness workshops. One of Jill’s greatest passions, in addition to helping people prevent diabetes, is training teachers and school staff in nutrition education for the classroom and cafeteria. She enjoys running with her dog, gardening and cooking.

Yes Health Coach Jill

Becky is a Registered Nurse and Certified Health EducationSpecialist. She’s worked as a corporate wellness nurse, Zumba and kickboxing instructor and health coach. Becky believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness and assists others to overcome obstacles that may be keeping them from enjoying a better quality of life. As the wife of a military member, she’s called many different places home and enjoys getting to know new people and cultures. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her children, taking in a movie and exploring new destinations.

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