A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Healthy Habit Heroes: Shaina’s Story

by Yes Health

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health

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Shaina had always been a pretty healthy person and thought of herself as an athlete.  But over the past five years, problems with her immune system had affected her ability to work and exercise. She turned to the Yes Health coaches to help get her health back on track.

I’m an ESL teacher, which means I’m around a lot of different people (and their germs). So having a  compromised immune system meant getting sick a lot. I suffered from chronic pneumonia and would literally be sick about half the year, so I didn’t have the energy to work out as often as I used to.

At the same time, my eating habits went downhill and I was under a lot of stress—I’m in graduate school and my grandmother passed over the summer. I was carb-loading for comfort, but wasn’t burning off those extra calories. I do most of my shopping at Whole Foods, so in my mind I was buying “good” food no matter what it was. Then I’d polish off a box of ice-cream pops in a single night without really noticing.

I started Yes Health about two months ago and explained my immune system issues to the coaches. I also have a family history of diabetes on my dad’s side, so that was on my mind as another thing to address. The coaches suggested that I try cutting out sugar completely. It was typical for me to have a latte or tea with 10 tsp. of sugar every day. I was also using a powdered protein drink a nutritionist had recommended a few years ago, which the coaches pointed out had a ton of sugar in it. I had never checked the label and had no idea.

Once the coaches brought my awareness to how much sugar I was consuming, I was able to start making changes to my diet. I almost immediately began to notice the impact that eliminating sugar had on my immune system. It’s very to me obvious that’s there’s a strong connection between sugar and my health. My boyfriend and I recently went out for a super decadent dessert as a special treat, and that night and all the next day I could feel my heart racing. The feedback was undeniable. There were a lot of signs I was missing before. The Yes Health coaches helped me pinpoint something that had been eluding me for much of my life. Amazing!    

I’m 5’10” and weighed 235 pounds at my last doctor’s appointment. The last time I weighed 220, so my plan to lose a few pounds wasn’t exactly working. I carry it well, so most people wouldn’t look at me and think, wow, she really needs to lose weight. But I realized I had lost touch with my health. I no longer had an accurate image of myself.  I’d like to be healthier and need to drop some belly fat. My weight-loss goals are related to lowering my body fat percentage and how my clothes fit me, rather than numbers on a scale. That to me is how I measure progress.

I’ve always been resistant to fad dieting and I appreciate the Yes Health approach to eating. It’s very “real world” and is based on whole foods and learning the best meal combinations—protein, carbs, fruits and veggies—for me. And also what keeps me feeling full longer—like lentils and whole grains. The coaches are great about making meal recommendations on the fly, too. I recently went to a coffee chain for lunch and asked for advice on what to order. They got back to me right away with a few healthy choices. I feel good eating more balanced meals. My energy is definitely more consistent and I’m not getting sick like I was before I started the program.

Even though I’m very DIY and comfortable researching information on my own, what I’m learning is not something I could find in a Google search.  The coaches also give me much more than accountability. They really care about my progress. Just knowing someone cares about what’s going on in my body is huge. It gives me a lot of motivation. I’ve already pointed several friends toward the program, and my boyfriend is getting healthier by association, too.




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