A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Healthy Habit Heroes: Matt’s Story

by Yes Health

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health.

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Matt thought of himself as a pretty healthy eater–at least most of the time. And he was active, too. But his BMI was on the higher side of healthy, and so were his cholesterol and blood-sugar levels. When he got the email about Yes Health from his insurance company, and qualified, he wanted to see if it could help him be healthier.

I ate okay. I mean, I definitely splurged sometimes—too much pizza or the occasional stop at McDonalds, that kind of thing. I thought, “Hey I’m not that bad.” But I felt like I could do better. So why not give Yes Health a try?

I’m 5’7” and weighed 188 pounds when I started the program. Doctors sometimes encouraged me to lose some extra pounds, but I never saw myself as overweight. I go to the gym a lot and lift weights and like to work out. My weight didn’t seem like an issue. When I got the wireless scale in the mail from Yes Health, I immediately started logging my weight. This was something I’d never done before. The promise of a free Fitbit if I stuck with the program for at least six weeks helped keep me motivated, too.

I’m diligent about posting my meals. As soon as I started doing this, it made me accountable. The coaches got me thinking a lot more about what I was eating and I started making changes. Small ones at first— like eating a ton of avocados and sticking strictly to whole wheat bread. (Now I’m really into the seeded kind—who knew?) I’m a sandwich guy because they’re easy—but I’ll admit that bread is my big weakness. I don’t buy chips or sweets. I just don’t want that stuff around. Before I know it, I’ve eaten too many chocolate bars, so no thanks. I’m much more mindful now about what I choose to eat and how it’s going to make me feel. I’m even packing healthy snacks so I’m not stopping for fast food. I’ve learned to control my cravings and recognize when I’m truly hungry.

The coaches have been great guides in helping me eat more protein and cut back on carbs—like less toast and more eggs and fruit for breakfast. (They seriously love it when I have eggs.) The coaches even helped me choose healthier protein bars and avoid the “cookies” they sell at my gym. I just assumed all that stuff was decent for me. Now I buy the Rx Bars because they have just a few ingredients and tend to be lower in sugar and high in protein.

After using the Yes Health app for four months, I’ve lost 10 pounds. People I know tell me I look good. When I see myself in the mirror I notice that my jaw is thinner. I can honestly say I feel better at this weight and being healthier has changed my whole mindset. I started paying more attention to my clothes and how they fit. I’m wearing medium shirts instead of my usual large so they aren’t so baggy. I even fit into 32” waist jeans again. I told some friends, and guess what? They’re extremely jealous.


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