A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Healthy Habit Heroes: Joy’s Story

by Yes Health

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health

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When Joy was diagnosed with prediabetes and high cholesterol last year, she felt like her health was headed downhill fast. She started Yes Health on January 15, and has now dropped 36 pounds…and counting.  

I had been trying to lose weight for a few years, and it hadn’t been easy. Stress and emotional eating were a big problem. I gave other programs a try and lost a few pounds here and there, but always gained them back. There was no accountability to help me keep up my progress.

I’m adopted and didn’t know a lot about my biological family’s health history. When I recently got in contact with my half siblings, I learned that my half-brother had suffered two heart attacks–and is 11 years younger than me–a wakeup call! 

To support my weight-loss goals, I first started cleaning up my diet, learning how to read ingredients lists and practicing portion control. I have irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) and had been drinking soda daily. The Yes Health coaches helped me kick that habit. On July 4, I had a soda as a treat and my IBS symptoms came right back. That was a true test. I’ll never have a soda again! I’ve lost 36 pounds so far. My original goal was 142. I currently weigh 136 and I’ve made 132 my new goal—that’s my original weight when I was in the army reserves in my 20s!

Taking a photo of what I’m about to put in my mouth and sharing it with the coach team is powerful. I can be a little shy and the coaches are great at helping to engage me and keep a positive frame of mind. In the beginning, I got yellows and reds when I thought I was eating well. The coaches explained why and what I could do better. I’m had been eating a lot of so-called “healthy” frozen meals out of convenience. I learned that they are full of sodium and sometimes sugar too. Now I’m eating more whole foods and choosing complex carbs—like brown over white rice. Every Saturday I make a trip to our local farmer’s market to buy fresh fruits and veggies. 

If I have questions about what to order at a restaurant, the coaches are always there to give a quick response so I have a healthy plan in place. I pay a lot more attention to what I put in my body every day, and if I do “cheat” I acknowledge it, move on and make a commitment to do better tomorrow.

I’m exercising every single day—even if it’s just taking a walk. At the gym I do circuit workouts, weight-training and yoga. I was in a car accident and have some arthritis and back problems as a result. The coaches have helped me figure out what I can do safely and how much I can push myself. The accountability keeps me on track.

My kids come to the gym with me and my daughter has lost weight too. My son and I sometimes go to Wendy’s afterward our workouts and he’s started ordering salads like me–kids really do pay attention to their parents’ habits. My husband is now playing tennis three nights a week. For dinner, we’re eating lots of leafy greens with grilled chicken or salmon. My whole family is healthier because of Yes Health.

I would recommend this program to anyone—even people without health issues. Yes Health isn’t just about losing weight, it’s also about living a healthier life. And there’s a focus on well-being too, which I’ll admit, I hadn’t thought much about. I have a family and a demanding job and I’m always worrying about meeting other people’s needs. At the encouragement of the coaches, I bought some candles for the bath and a calming lavender face mist to use throughout the day. I also set aside time for a mud mask every Thursday. I’ve gotten back into gardening too. I raise butterflies and grow a lot of herbs and flowers.

Some of my coworkers have commented on my weight loss and have asked what I’m doing differently. Now I share my meal feedback with them and we take walking breaks together. More proof that being healthy is truly contagious.









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