A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Healthy Habit Heroes: Jeremi’s Story

by Yes Health Team

“Largely due to my disability, I used to stay home and not move much at all, just from the living room to the bedroom or kitchen. Now, I have set days at the gym, and I walk in between. I’ve lost 80 pounds in five months, and my wife tells me I’m a different person!”

Jeremi’s story is one that truly inspires. As someone who struggles with cerebral palsy ataxia-which affects balance and coordination and causes fatigue-it’s been historically difficult to be active and have the energy to form healthy habits. 

During the pandemic, Jeremi reached a point where he was at his heaviest and suffered the consequences. After visiting his family and receiving shocked looks from everyone who hadn’t seen him for years, he knew it was time to make a change.


In Jeremi’s Words

“Back around April, I got a postcard from my insurance offering a free scale and Fitbit, so I signed up! I loved that Yes Health was 100% virtual and that I could talk to actual coaches from my phone. When I first started, I was the biggest I’d ever been: 309 pounds. I knew it was time to commit to eating healthier and exercising.

I might not eat Brussels sprouts and quinoa, but I’m doing much better! It was incredible to get quick tips and feedback from my coaches in-app, and I liked the scoring system. I quickly learned about portion sizes and types of foods I’d never tried. 

What worked well for me initially was finding meals that I liked, getting good coach feedback, and sticking to those. After about two months of eating right and walking, I lost 50 pounds. Then I was ready to go to the gym and build muscle. Since then, I’ve lost 80 pounds total!

Even more than the weight loss, I’m learning so much. Now I know more about protein, nutrients, fiber, and everything I need to reach my goals. This program got me motivated to learn and to be more active. With my disability, it’s not easy to be active and move around. The only activity I got was running my kids around sometimes to activities. I felt tired all the time.

Recently, I went to my son’s boy scout camp. We usually go on a hike, and normally I’d have to sit down and rest. This time I had plenty of energy to finish the hike! I can lift things, go up and down stairs easily, and these are types of things that I couldn’t do before.

Along with my disability, I’ve had chronic lower back pain for years, and exercise has really helped. I’ve also been on medication for high blood pressure, which I’ve been able to cut in half since starting with Yes Health. My doctor said we might be able to eliminate it altogether soon!

I love how easy the app is to use. Right away, when I open it, I snap or upload a picture of my food. I can customize my schedule, and it’s incredible how the Fitbit active minutes and scale weights automatically sync. 


Having my coaches there to ask questions whenever I want is amazing. And their answers are so helpful! They give me specific brand recommendations and share information about things I’d never considered before. No office hours; there is just always a coach available.

Yes Health came just at the right time. My new goal (that I couldn’t have even imagined before) is to be around 225 with muscle, and I’m close! I notice a huge difference now; there’s so much less of me to carry around! 

My wife told me that I’m like a different person. She says that before, I was depressed and didn’t want to go out with her anywhere, even to shop. And it’s true because the prospect of walking around would wear me out. Now, I’m the one asking her to go! 


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