Healthy Habit Heroes: Jean’s Story

Nov 17, 2022 12:37:39 PM

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Jean had always been fit and active. In 2010 after some major health events, her life took a significant turn. She could no longer train in the same way, and her weight crept up.

After eight years of trying everything from personal trainers to expensive health coaching programs, she found Yes Health. Read about her incredible journey and how she lost 40 pounds over the past five months.


In Her Own Words

In 2010, both of my kidneys failed. It was an autoimmune event, and the doctors put me on strong steroid medications and chemotherapy. I went into remission, but the treatment put me into early menopause, and I lost significant muscle mass. I used to be really fit and would train all of the time, and this just destroyed my body.

I ate exactly the same as I always had, but I started gaining weight. I tried absolutely everything. I worked with a personal trainer for eight years, did a nutrition program for two years, and so much more. I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror, and when I saw friends on the street, they literally didn’t know who I was. My self-esteem was so low, and I felt awful all of the time. I was also hungry constantly, no matter what or how much I ate. I felt totally addicted to food for the first time in my life.

I’ve always prided myself in being able to solve problems, but I couldn’t solve this one. I went to therapy and tried to let go of control. I learned about what it meant to have become prediabetic. At a visit to my family doctor, I broke down into tears because nothing was working. He referred me to an excellent Health nurse. After a long time of working together, she suspected the missing piece was that of having ongoing support and recommended Yes Health.

Honestly, Yes Health changed my life. It was the support I was missing. My coaches lovingly helped me change my negative narrative around food to a positive one, and I can’t stress how fundamental that was. My Yes Health coaches were always positive, and they made approaching food and exercise changes a positive experience. For 12 years, I tried everything, and nothing worked. I’d concluded that nothing would ever work.
Logging my meals and my coach’s feedback was a game-changer. They shared concrete advice with every single meal, and this was huge. I realized that my meals weren’t entirely balanced, and I was going overboard with the starchy carbs.

The library is also excellent. I’d done a ton of research about diet and lifestyle over the years, but I wasn’t implementing it. With Yes Health’s resources plus my coach’s ongoing support, I started applying what I knew and was learning. Soon, my sugar cravings disappeared, and my constant hunger subsided. It was amazing!

My coaches also helped me learn how to say no because I was feeling so overwhelmed in life. It might sound easy, but this was a big deal for me. When I started doing it, I started living my life. I joined a University band, and I’m just having so much fun!

One of the results I’m most grateful for is how this entire experience has impacted my self-esteem. I feel so much better about myself. I’ve gotten rid of mental clutter and cleared my brain fog. I used to feel shaky and couldn’t even put on mascara, and that’s gone away. I sleep better and have more energy. My family has also benefited immensely! No area of my life hasn’t been positively impacted.

So far, over the last five months, I’ve lost 40 pounds. Now, I’m ready to start weight training. I’m going back to University for a music degree. I have four kids (including twins), and have endured a lot of struggles in this period of my life. It’s time to do things for myself now.

I never want to go back to how I felt. Now, I’m not even tempted by sugar. My advice to anyone considering this program or any program: do it!


I felt like I was drowning in the ocean. I put my hand up, and Yes Health saved me. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to do this alone, and I couldn’t. This program was the final puzzle piece that I needed.