A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Healthy Habit Heroes: Jay’s Story

by Yes Health

Welcome back to our “Healthy Habit Heroes” blog series, where we share members’ stories in their own words about their experiences with Yes Health.

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Jay had been overweight for a long time. He had chronic knee and chest pain and his cholesterol was high. Being and feeling healthier was a goal, but wasn’t sure where to start. When Blue Shield’s Wellvoultion program recommended Yes Health based on his BMI, he didn’t hesitate to sign up. Now, 20 pounds lighter and with a regular running routine, he hasn’t looked back.

As soon as I started Yes Health, I immediately saw changes in my body. I lost weight in the first two weeks! The early success helped inspire me to stick with it. I was 173 lbs and set my weight-loss goal at 160. This seemed really tough, but I was willing to give it a go. Then I achieved it in just three weeks. I adjusted my goal to 155 and beat it two weeks later. I currently weigh 153. My BMI dropped from 28.8 to 24.8. Even I couldn’t believe it.

The biggest changes I made were to my diet. Before Yes Health, I would often eat when I wasn’t hungry. I also quickly learned that my portions were too large. I didn’t know how to balance my plate with protein, veggies and carbs. The coaches encouraged me to concentrate more on what I eat to make sure I get enough protein and nutrients. They’ve made a lot of valuable and candid suggestions and I’ve followed them. I used to eat a lot of rice, for example. Now I’ve increased my veggies and protein and reduced simple carbs. I’m changing the portions and it’s working!

I never liked running. It felt like a tiring and boring activity, really. But now I look forward to my daily runs. I notice that I feel more relaxed and my mood is better afterwards. I completed my last 5K in just 25 minutes. I recently registered for a half marathon through my company and was on the waiting list. I kept training every day, just in case. I didn’t get in (next time!), but ran the 10K instead and did great.

Weighing in regularly with the wireless scale gave me a good idea of what was working and what wasn’t. It’s one way to measure my success. And I started doing breathing exercised every day as a form of meditation to help reduce my stress.

Being able to constantly track my progress—meals, activity and weight loss— in the app through all the graphs and charts along with the coaches’ quick and knowledgeable feedback keeps me motivated to meet my goals. The coaches help make the program fun and enjoyable.

I fit into my old clothes now. My stomach is flat. I no longer feel tired or get headaches after exercising. I have more energy and can run faster and for longer distances without losing my breath. Being healthier is a great feeling!


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