Healthy Habit Heroes: Chris’s Story

Sep 15, 2022 9:26:41 AM

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As a successful executive, husband, and father, Chris’s health felt the pressure and monotony of a demanding life. He’d gone in and out of healthy diet and lifestyle changes in the past but was ready to commit to long-term habits.

After a health scare and a long family history of chronic illness, Chris boldly decided to commit to a healthy future. He knew it wouldn’t be entirely easy for his family or coworkers to accept, but he also realized that his suffering health wasn’t benefitting anyone.

Yes Health opened doors that allowed Chris to dive deep into a world of wellness. Without further ado, read Chris’s story in his own words.


In His Own Words


I’m in my 50s, and the tedium and daily life habits caught up with me. My family has a strong history of chronic disease and obesity, and I knew I didn’t want to go down that same path. When I got diagnosed as prediabetic and had liver problems from a history of alcohol abuse, I knew it was time to commit to profound change.

This round wasn’t my first rodeo. I’d been a vegetarian who worked out daily for eight years and felt really good. So I wanted to use that experience and consciousness as a baseline. But I just kept fluctuating and couldn’t develop a healthy lifestyle I could stick with. I wanted to do it right this time: to get informed, commit to structure, and settle into my purpose. I’m a disciplined person, but I needed some outside support. That’s where Yes Health came in.

Getting started is hard! Not only do you need to do the hard work to build and stick to new habits, but when you are successful, you know that a lifetime of follow-through is next.

I also had to learn to value myself enough to claim the time for healthy eating, exercise, sleep, and self-care. It might be hard on others in your life at first (partners, kids, employers, etc.), but if you die of a heart attack, that’s not good for anyone! Life pulls us in so many directions, and it’s critical to reassess our sense of self-worth and give ourselves permission to make time for change.

Using the Yes Health App and technology on my journey has been a game changer. The unique combination of real-life coaches and tracking metrics with the Fitbit has really worked. A “you can do it!” at your fingertips is invaluable, along with actually seeing your progress mapped out by week and the numbers. Yes Health was an incredible bridge and ongoing liaison in developing sustainable daily habits and structure that I could then carry on by myself.

I’ve lost 32 pounds in 12 weeks, my entire family has also lost weight, and we all feel better. They were a little bit reluctant and fearful at first, but now they are very grateful for the positive impacts this program has had on everyone.

The first phase of my journey was about healing, regaining my health, and adopting healthy eating and exercise habits. Yes Health provided actual coach interaction of encouragement, motivation, and knowledge. This opened the door for me to further explore other tools, and deepen my health journey. Now, I’m ready to continue refining my diet and lifestyle, lose 25 more pounds, and lower my body fat percentage.

I’m thankful, and I’ve really seen results. Making these sorts of changes is challenging, and you need to feel like you’re making progress to stay motivated. Yes Health provides a holistic human community, where you see markers of progress that aren't just the number on the scale. 

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