Guided Meditations for Every Part of the Day

Sep 12, 2022 1:06:34 PM

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What is Meditation

Practicing meditation is like getting the hang of any other skill, but for your health. Think of it as working out a muscle that’s never been exercised, or learning to cook with new good-for-you foods. It benefits your overall well-being, but takes discipline and consistency to get comfortable with it. Since it can be easier to get started with some guided tips, we’ve got you covered.

Your coaching team has put together a series of guided meditation for beginners (or anyone else), that can help bring a bit more peace your day. You might also benefit from using these as a guided sleep meditation before bed.

So what exactly is meditation?

Meditation is an ongoing process of training your mind to focus your thoughts and redirect them towards a more positive outcome. 

It dates back to ancient India and has traveled to countries such as China and Japan, eventually making its way to the West. Although it started as a practice for religion and spirituality, it’s become a mainstream activity that has withstood centuries due to its many wellness benefits. 

Benefits of Meditation

Similar to how exercise can increase your strength and endurance, meditation has many benefits. Here are some the most common benefits of meditation:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Healthy sleep patterns
  • Better self-discipline
  • Increased pain tolerance
  • Enhances self awareness
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve memory
  • Fights addiction
  • Happier moods

Guided Meditations

A common misconception is that meditation is only an activity reserved before bed. While this is great to improve sleep, meditating throughout the day can also help you feel more centered, less stressed, and happier.

From energizing to calming, there are different meditation techniques you can practice for every part of your day.

How to Meditate in the Morning: Gratitude Meditation

Goal and Gratitude Journaling from Yes Health on Vimeo.


Practicing gratitude at the start of your day can increase positivity and productivity. Daily gratitude and goal journaling is one form of meditation that will help train your mind to focus on the bigger picture when you face challenges.

Did you know that by changing your thoughts daily you can change your reality? Check out this video to see what neuroscience and gratitude have in common.

How to Meditate in the Afternoon: Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

Square Breathing from Yes Health on Vimeo.


Breathing techniques are another common practice in meditation. Taking a few moments to focus on breathwork has a calming effect and allows you to think clearly in times of high stress.

“This breathing exercise is so easy to do anywhere when I feel anxiety creeping up. It can be at work,  in the car, before an event and especially in these unprecedented times when we’re trapped at home with so much in the news.

It helps me remember to take care of my well-being and makes me feel like everything is going to be okay and ‘this too shall pass.” -Coach Marcella

How to Meditate at Night: Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation

Yoga Nidra from Yes Health on Vimeo.


There are many audio guided sleep meditations that can help coax you into a restful sleep. However, many of us can struggle with overwhelming thoughts of stress and anxiety at this time of the night, which can prevent us from getting into a relaxed state.

This Yoga Nidra video is a powerful nighttime meditation to induce rest and relaxation.


Final Thoughts: Guided Meditations for Every Part of the Day


If you want more guided meditations and stress-relieving techniques, try Yes Health free for 14 days and see what your health coaches recommend for you