Our Founder’s Story: How Yes Health Got its Start

Oct 2, 2015 6:10:43 AM

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Dear Readers,

I wanted to share with you the very personal beginnings of Yes Health and why we started the company.

When my father died in 2000 from type 2 diabetes-related complications, it was the most painful, life altering moment I had ever experienced. Seeing him suffer from diabetes deeply affected me and also made me worry about my own health.

I tried to stay fit and maintain a normal weight. So I was shocked when in 2013 my doctor diagnosed me with prediabetes during a routine checkup. A few unhealthy eating habits, stress and too much time spent sitting in my office and car had sent my blood glucose levels into the pre-diabetes range.

I was determined to turn my health around and knew I would need support and encouragement along the way. I wanted a program that was both scientifically based AND fun. The program also needed to travel with me. I’m a busy person who’s very dedicated to my family and my work. I didn’t want to let prediabetes get the better of me.

I started to feel frustrated when I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Then, a few weeks after my diagnosis in a conversation with a family member, I learned that prediabetes is a pandemic. There were 86 million other people in our country alone who were also dealing with this condition. And in that moment, the idea for Yes Health was born.

My wife and I worked hard to assemble a team of experts, including some rock star health coaches, doctors and engineers, who are now the heart and soul of our organization. Together we created an all-mobile, fun and motivating diabetes-prevention program based on proven science. We successfully tested Yes Health in late 2014 with a group of participants diagnosed with prediabetes, and the program is now available to everyone.

While Yes Health focuses on helping folks stop or reverse prediabetes, it’s also an effective program for anyone who wants to lose weight and live a healthier life. It certainly helped me. My blood glucose levels are now normal and I’ve found a way to keep those pesky, unhealthy habits in check. If I can beat prediabetes, believe me, you can too.

Yours in good health,

Alex Petrov