A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Coach Kate Debuts New “Exercise of the Week” Videos

by Yes Health

Our fitness guru Coach Kate wanted a more dynamic way to introduce Yes Health members to new exercises. Writing lengthy descriptions seemed to strip them of their fun (boring!) and still left people with questions about proper form and how to make safe modifications. It also limited her to using only more basic exercises that could be easily adapted to text.

Earlier this month, Kate launched her new “Exercise of the Week” video series on Yes Health to huge fanfare. In each video, she describes and demonstrates the exercise and any modifications, making it easier for Yes Health members to follow along at home (or wherever they may be). Here’s a sneak peak at one of our favorites, the side plank hip lift:

What makes our obliques so important? These are the muscles that extend along the outer side of our body from the bottom of our ribs to the top of our hips. It turns out our side abs do quite a lot! They help keep us upright by stabilizing our core and allowing us to bend and twist from our waist. 

Why am I doing this exercise? Obliques are a part of our core muscles, so strengthening them helps prevent back pain and improve posture. With regular practice, doing the side plank hip lift also staves off (or whittles away) the dreaded “muffin top.” If you’re not strong enough (yet!) to hold a side plank, doing this version can help you get there faster.

How often should I do it? Kate recommends 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps twice a week as part of a complete resistance training program.

Here’s a quick fitness tip from Kate to keep you motivated: “Set a personal fitness goal this week. Push yourself to go the extra mile or try something new. People who set smaller, timely goals for themselves are more likely to achieve their bigger, long-term vision. If your goal is to try something new, give this exercise of the week a shot!”



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