A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Congratulations to Our Healthy Lunch Day Contest Winners!

by David Wishart

Yes Health celebrated Healthy Lunch Day 2016 with a contest. November 15-18,  we asked Yes Health members to snap and share photos of their healthy lunches using our app for a chance to win a $25 Whole Foods gift card. All lunch photos had to receive a healthy “green” rating from the coaches to be eligible.

And the three winners are…{drumroll please…}:


WINNER: Keith’s tortilla sandwich, cottage cheese and berries.

Coach response: Looks like a great meal! Nice to see both veggies and some very nutritious fruit here. Adding the small portion of cottage cheese is a great way to complement to the protein in your ham. Is the tortilla one of the carb-balance ones? As Coach Jill has mentioned, even with low-carb wraps ideally you want to go for ones made with whole grains to add blood-sugar-stabilizing fiber.

CATEGORY: Global Munching

WINNER: Betsy’s veggies, garbanzo beans in greek yogurt, lemon and whole grain bread.

Coach response: Great lunch, Betsy! There’s a healthy mix of fiber/complex carbs and protein. Keep in mind that although yogurt and garbanzos have a good amount of protein, they are actually a mix of protein, complex carbs and fat. If you feel hungry in a few hours, you may need to up the protein in this meal.

CATEGORY: You’re eating where?

WINNER: Martin’s turkey, gravy, stuffing and salads at an office Thanksgiving party.

Coach response: Great portion of stuffing. And kudos for filling most of your plate with salads. The amount of turkey and the gravy make this lean a bit towards Yellow, but it’s still a Green. Good job!

Congratulations to the winners. Keep an eye out for more fun Yes Health member contests in 2017!


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