A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Best Health Coach App

by Yes Health Team

What is a health coach app?

A health coach app is an application that you can download onto your phone that gives you access to a team of health coaches. This includes certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and well-being experts. 

How to find a health coach

The majority of people will take to Google or Instagram looking for a health coach. The problem is that you only get a single coach is often only has one area of expertise. 
When you think of your favorite celebrities, they work with entire teams of nutritionists and trainers to help whip them into shape, and to stay healthy. 
We believe the best approach to finding a health coach is using an app like Yes Health that gives you access to an entire on-demand team of coaches that are certified nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and even well-being experts for mindfulness, sleep, and stress reduction. Why choose one coach when you can have many?

Is getting a personal health coach worth it?

Absolutely! Having a personal health coach was once considered a luxury for the rich and famous. Now, with mobile apps like Yes Health, you can get your own team of health coaches to encourage, recommend, and motivate you to reach your health goals.

Is health coaching legitimate?

While you’re likely to run into some health coaches on Instagram or Google that do not have a long track record for success, health coaching is legitimate. We recommend looking for accreditations for any health or wellness coach.
For example, Yes Health has been accredited by the CDC for over 3 years, and is trusted by institutions like the National Institute of Health, Stanford University, and more. 

What makes the best health coach app?

The best health coaching app is one that focuses on the three pillars of health: nutrition, fitness, and well-being. 
With a mobile-app like Yes Health, you get a personal health coach team with experts in all three pillars. Simply having access to experts in all three areas can allow you to 

How to choose the best health coach app?

We believe the best way to choose a health coach or app is by experimenting. Health isn’t one-size-fits-all. It can take trial and error to find the right coach (or coaching team!) for you. 

What people are saying about Yes Health’s health coaching app

Yes Health isn’t just about losing weight, it’s also about living a healthier life. And there’s a focus on well-being too, which I’ll admit, I hadn’t thought much about. I have a family and a demanding job and I’m always worrying about meeting other people’s needs
I’m getting a level of support that helps me make healthy choices AND enjoy myself. I now understand that getting healthier is a process. 
I have lost 44 pounds since I started this program, since I actually started a week or so early. I was so pleased I didn’t gain any significant weight while out of my house. I had my physical today and my doctor was so pleased. He said my blood pressure was in the middle of normal range and expects my labs to improve, as well. Here’s to finishing these last few weeks strong!!
Looks like I’ve lost around 15 lbs. Thank you, Coaches & Team!
You guys are amazing – quick to respond, thorough and encouraging! So far, I’m loving this program!!!
Never thought I’d be doing push-ups while painting. This app makes me think about new ways I can be active during my day-to-day.
Im improving my morning walk and able to improve my time/distance with longer jogging strips!! Never thought I would love running!!
Today I am down 7 lbs since I started. That is inspiring me to continue. The craving for chocolate has lessened quite a bit. Plan to continue. It was also encouraging to go out for different celebrations and with the ideas provided by yes health I was able to order and eat healthy.

Why Yes Health should be the health coaching app you use

Yes Health is about more than dieting and fitness. Our coaches know that you’re human and help motivate you to make small changes to your lifestyle that result in big gains. With Yes Health, losing weight is as easy as snapping a picture of what you’re eating. Get 30 days of Yes Health for $1


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