A happier, healthier you


A happier, healthier you

Ask the Coaches: How Do I Stick to a Healthy Routine When I Travel?

by Yes Health

Exploring new places is good for our health. It pushes us outside of our comfort zone and makes us flex parts of our brain that we don’t always use at home. Traveling abroad has been shown to improve our creative thinking and problem solving skills, and just getting out of town for a few days can give our immune system a serious boost

But practicing healthy eating and exercise habits when we’re away from our regular routine isn’t always easy. So whether you’re looking for ways to stay healthy from your hotel room on a work trip, or don’t want to undo the great progress you’ve made on your next vacation, the Yes Health coaches are here to help. 

Have fun and stay in shape when you’re on the road with these 10 tips:

  1. Pack healthy snacks: Plan ahead and bring along nuts, high-protein-low-sugar bars, carrot sticks, non-sugared jerky and apples.
  2. Fill ‘er up: Bring a reusable water bottle and keep it topped off so you can stay well-hydrated and stave off the temptation to purchase sugary beverages.
  3. Bring your sneaks: Even if you’re not a big fan of hotel gyms, sneakers don’t take up a lot of room and let you get outside and explore in comfort.
  4. Share your health goals: If you’re visiting people, let them know about your new healthy habits. While it’s possible not everyone will be sympathetic, odds are most people will be willing to dine out where there are healthy options or cook healthier meals while you’re their guest.
  5. Do your research: Scope out healthy restaurants near where you’ll be staying ahead of time so you have a few go-to options. If the pickings are slim, stick to grilled protein (e.g., chicken, salmon, etc.) with salad, and ask for olive oil and vinegar to avoid the sugar that’s often added to pre-made dressings.
  6. Counteract sitting: If you’ll be sedentary for long periods in a car, make frequent stops to stretch, walk and move your body. With limited room on a plane, you can still do leg lifts, heel raises and neck stretches in your seat. Even just taking some deep breaths works your core a bit and helps you relax 
  7. Build fitness into your trip: Plan nature walks, waterfront strolls, bike rides or urban hikes into your time away. You can even scheduling walking meetings with business colleagues. (Yes,  they’re a thing!) If the weather’s uncooperative, go to a mall or museum to walk. 
  8. Turn your hotel room into a mini gym: Sit-ups, push-ups, squats, yoga stretches and sun salutations are all perfect “no equipment” exercises that will help keep you fit in a pinch. 
  9. Practice mindful eating: Take time to enjoy the colors and flavors of your food. Chew slowly and pay attention to when you feel full. Remind yourself why you are making healthy choices and all your reasons to stick to them.
  10. Be the early bird: Get your heart pumping first thing in the morning. Run some stairs, go for a brisk walk or hike up a hill. You’ll be awake and refreshed, ready for whatever new adventure the day holds. 


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