Transformed Lives: Three Yes Health Success Stories and Why the Program Worked When Others Failed

May 11, 2022 8:00:00 AM

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The realization that something in one’s life has to change can creep up gradually, like the numbers on a scale, or come as quickly as a lightning bolt, through a sudden diagnosis or downturn in one’s health. In those moments, it’s critical to have the best information and resources to turn things in the right direction.

That’s where health plan providers can make a difference. They can offer programs that empower members to go beyond short-term diet plans and adopt healthier behaviors sustainable for life.

At Yes Health, we believe anyone can get healthy with the right support. Here are three stories of people who tried various strategies prior to becoming Yes Health members, and why the Yes Health approach worked best for them:



Turning point: “I started having kids, and weight management got harder. Fast forward 20 years, and I reached my heaviest weight of 266 pounds. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and knew I'd gotten to a breaking point. I had to make a change.”

What didn’t work: “I started with [a popular weight loss program] and lost about 63 pounds in two years. It was challenging to track calories and calculate everything [the program] asked for. I couldn't sustain how complicated the program was, and my weight bounced back up.”

Why Yes Health worked better:  “This program is so simple and easy to manage. I love my coaches’ feedback, and the scoring system really motivates me. I never feel scolded or obligated to do anything. Instead, I feel guided and supported to understand what a balanced meal looks like. This has been a massive change for me.”

Bottom line: Yes Health takes only minutes a day to log a meal and get feedback, or touch base with coaches about progress from a device members use daily — their smartphone. Members gain understanding about fitness, nutrition and portion size so they can put that knowledge into practice in everyday life.


Turning point: “When COVID hit, I felt so impacted by the tragedy of everything, and while in lockdown, I stopped exercising altogether. At one point, I had to go to the hospital with severe stomach pain and it turned out I had an ulcer, GERD and was prediabetic.” 

What didn’t work: “I’d tried dozens of weight loss programs. I tried [one well-known diet program] and felt humiliated by the weekly weigh-ins. I tried other programs to help me lose weight, but I suffered through them by eating foods I hated or being hungry. It wasn’t sustainable, so I’d gain the weight right back the second I stopped dieting.” 

Why Yes Health worked better:  “Starting this program was the first time in my entire life that I was eating a healthy diet consisting of foods I enjoyed. I’m a scientist and have a doctorate, so I’m a very evidence-based person. When I stopped having an afternoon energy crash after lunch, I was floored. I used to fall asleep at my desk after lunch, and suddenly I had energy all day long. I couldn’t believe it!”

Bottom line: Yes Health works with the foods members prefer, helping them make small adjustments to make every meal healthier, without feeling restricted.

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Turning point:  “I realized I had a hard time doing daily tasks. I could barely cut my own toenails or tie my shoes because my stomach got in the way; even the logistics of using the restroom were challenging. Everyday tasks become significant problems when you’re dealing with severe obesity.”

What didn’t work: ”I was a skinny kid in first and second grade, but since then have had huge weight fluctuations my entire life. I’d take the weight off for a couple of years but then gain it back.”

Why Yes Health worked better: “What’s really worked for me using Yes Health is accountability. My coaches are so responsive and give encouragement and feedback for things you wouldn’t even think they would notice, like getting enough sleep!”

Bottom line: Having access to real coaches, available when and where members need them, provides the support, encouragement and accountability members need to meet their goals.


Give your members a new option for losing weight and getting healthier. Yes Health works where other programs fall short, by offering real coaches, on-demand support and information and a positive approach that helps members gain confidence and achieve goals they thought were beyond their reach.

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