Stem Worker Turnaround by Investing in the Right Digital Health Tool

Dec 1, 2022 10:00:00 AM

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If you thought employee turnaround was declining after COVID-related peaks, the latest statistics may change your mind. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics compiled by McKinsey, the voluntary quit rate is 25% higher than pre-pandemic levels, and a leading reason is workers’ poor health and well-being. Workers simply need more support to get and stay healthy – mentally and physically – so they can stay engaged and productive for the long run.

That’s an investment worth making for employers, considering replacing a worker costs employers about one-third of that worker’s annual earnings, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Investing those resources instead in providing comprehensive employee health and wellness benefits makes more sense. It helps keep your best, brightest and most experienced employees on the job longer and improves employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Top on the list is offering the best possible health insurance plan, along with on-site wellness programs. But with today’s increasingly mobile workforce, employers should also provide convenient resources like digital health coaching, available when and where employees need it. Here’s what a platform like Yes Health can offer workers of all ages:

  1. Reduced chance of injury

All of us become more prone to injury as we age. That’s why mobile health platforms like Yes Health adapt the coaching approach to the age and fitness level of the participant. Employees with a history of back pain can ask their coaches for suggestions on how to strengthen the back through exercise and ergonomic adaptations on the job. Employees with knee or hip pain can work with coaches on losing excess weight to reduce strain on the joints. Those who have sedentary desk jobs can receive reminders to incorporate movement breaks into their day to maintain mobility.

Overall, this investment in personalized fitness, nutrition and weight management will reduce injury and allow your employees to stay on the job longer.

  1. Chronic diseases prevention

Most chronic diseases can be prevented or reduced in severity through improved diet and exercise. For instance, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol all respond favorably to improved diet and activity. 

Yes Health’s CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program and as well as its Healthy Weight program work with people at risk for chronic diseases to make small but meaningful lifestyle changes that impact wellness and reduce risk. These 52-week programs have an impressive 87% completion rate and result in a 6% reduction in body weight, on average.  They are modeled closely after an in-person coaching program that successfully reduced diabetes risk by 57%. That’s an excellent return on investment for employers who want to keep valuable workers healthy, energized and free of costly chronic diseases.

Here’s how you can calculate potential medical cost savings by offering a digital chronic disease prevention program as an added benefit to members.

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  1. Better memory and mind-power

Brain researchers conclude that the practices that maintain memory and brain health best are exercise, good sleep, healthy diet, physical activity and stress reduction. Health coaching platforms like Yes Health focus on all these aspects of a healthy lifestyle to ensure your employees stay at the top of their game – mentally as well as physically – throughout their lives. In fact, members can specifically choose to track goals related to sleep and stress, along with diet, exercise and nutrition. Coaches will then check in periodically and send relevant tips, articles and information.

  1. Energy and positivity

All workers struggle at times with energy and positivity, but healthy practices can have an enormous impact. For example, exercise produces endorphins, the natural feel-good chemical in the brain. Balanced, nutrition-rich meals can prevent highs and lows in energy that make one feel anxious and agitated in one moment and sleepy in the next. Additionally, having coaches available to check-in daily, respond to questions or just provide a word of encouragement provides an emotional boost. Yes Health is unique in its ability to offer in-the-moment coaching, so members can interact with their coaches whenever and wherever they want.

Convenience Matters

Though other wellness programs can provide support for workers, the convenience of a mobile option can’t be matched. With platforms like Yes Health, workers can track their goals and receive advice, information, coaching and support on their timeline, right from their mobile device. Yes Health’s Diabetes Prevention and Healthy Weight programs even allow members to connect with a support group of their peers through the app, which adds another layer of accountability and encouragement. 

Mobile health platforms are convenient for employers as well, because they can be scaled up or down according to the size and needs of your workforce. Employers even can customize programs for their workers – for instance, Yes Health offers Diabetes Prevention, Health Weight and Concierge Health programs all on the same platform. You can choose one or offer all.

Retention Through Better Health

When employers choose to invest in their existing workers, they make a strategic and smart decision that circumvents the worker-shortage crisis. Providing support for health and wellness ensures your investment pays off through strong, healthy and energized employees. Digital health tools can help, and choosing one with in-the-moment, flexible and convenient access to real-live coaches makes sense.

Want to see how Yes Health checks all these boxes and more? Download our guide, “Yes Health for Employers”, which includes more detail and an at-a-glance comparison chart illustrating our 3-in-1 program approach. 

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