Happier, healthier members


Happier, healthier members

Valerie was ready for a change. After a season of grieving a lost job and an ankle injury that led to weight gain, she determined it was time to regroup, re-set and make some changes. She wanted to lose weight and feel better, with less joint pain. She also wanted to avoid Type[...]

Do you know anyone who offers advice without really listening to the person with the problem? Yup, we do too. Unfortunately, many coaches take that approach, including health coaches. They offer all kinds of formulas and prescriptive plans without really determining their[...]

Health insurance providers now have another reason to seek effective diabetes prevention programs for their members: earlier screening recommendations. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an independent volunteer panel of national experts in disease prevention and[...]

Wellness programs are now one of the top-five employee perks, offered by 58% of employers, according to a survey by the Society of Human Resource Management. Another study by Randstad found that 41% of organizations added new health and wellness benefits in the past year.

The obesity epidemic continues to grow, affecting 42% of Americans. This puts them at increased risk for a long list of chronic health conditions, from Type 2 diabetes and arthritis to heart disease and cancer. It also puts tremendous pressure on already-high healthcare costs.[...]

The dramatic increase in preventable chronic disease is leading to an unprecedented claims cost crisis for insurers, with health plans paying up to five times the cost to settle claims for members who develop ailments such as diabetes and obesity, compared to those members who[...]



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