Happier, healthier members


Happier, healthier members

In the midst of political division and pandemic uncertainty, American workers are facing unprecedented stress that is taking a toll on both physical and mental health. Their rates of chronic health conditions continue to increase, including obesity (now more than 40% of the U.S.[...]

Wellness programs have never been more critical to employers than today. Not only do they improve worker health and put the brakes on fast-rising health costs, but they attract and retain the types of employees who care about getting and staying healthy, including a large number[...]

If your company provides health insurance as a benefit, you may assume that every employee has equal access to good health. And you’re partly right: Having decent health insurance is the largest factor in a person’s ability to seek and receive medical care.

About one in five Americans is enrolled in a form of Medicaid, with both Medicaid expansion and pandemic economic impacts driving significant growth over the last two years alone. For insurers in the Medicaid marketplace, that means it’s more important than ever to understand[...]

The steady increase in obesity among Americans and Canadians has spurred numerous promises of quick cures. From weight loss pills and fat-burning gadgets to highly restrictive diets, companies have sold the vision of skinniness in record time.

During this prolonged season of pandemic, many of us in healthcare-related professions have been thinking about what went well and what could have gone better. Sometimes it’s not clear what we might have done differently, with our incomplete and evolving knowledge of the virus[...]

It’s no secret that consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on their mobile devices. But what you may not realize is that health insurance companies can leverage the popularity of smartphones to better serve their members and, ultimately, save money. 

U.S. employers are facing an unprecedented labor shortage. In June, the number of job openings nationwide hit 10.1 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Industries most heavily impacted include leisure and hospitality (1.6 million) as well as healthcare and[...]

COVID-19 has not been kind to children. Not only did many miss an entire year of in-person school, but they gained weight during the pandemic – an average of more than five pounds in 5 to 11-year-olds, according to a new study published in the Journal of American Medical[...]

For many people, taking on health challenges like changing eating habits or losing weight feels like a lonely, uphill journey, but health coaching can change that perspective. A great health coach can provide motivation, keep people focused on their goals, encourage them to keep[...]

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